Financial Guidance for Surrogates Throughout Their Third-Party Journeys

As part of their compensation package, a surrogacy agency may provide additional benefits to their gestational carriers; benefits may include support for health/wellness and even financial guidance throughout their third-party journeys. Working with a surrogacy agency that provides such additional support is ideal because it shows how much they truly care about you.

Why Surrogates Should Seek Financial Guidance

As a gestational surrogate, you are making an enormous commitment to a hopeful family. Some intended families struggle with fertility while others are physically unable to carry a child. Your willingness to step in to help a family is incredibly generous and selfless.

Surrogacy is legal and regulated within certain states in the US, with laws to protect both you and your intended parent/s. Under these laws, you may be legally compensated for your efforts in order to fulfill another family’s dreams.

One of the first steps in a third party journey is to draft a gestational surrogacy agreement, or GSA. Your ART attorney will represent you as the surrogate and collaborate with your intended parents’ attorney to draft this agreement. It specifies the compensation you will be due to receive at explicit milestones throughout your surrogacy journey. In addition to base compensation, you will also be reimbursed for certain expenses throughout your third-party fertility journey.

The decision to carry a pregnancy as a gestational surrogate for another family is not without risk. The compensation and expense reimbursements that you receive should be managed by a highly reputable and specialized escrow provider who is independent from your surrogacy agency and the attorney representing your intended parents. An independent surrogacy escrow provider will ensure that you and your family are provided with the highest level of protection and security throughout your journey.

Key Benefits of the SeedCoach Financial Guidance Program for Surrogates

By providing you with unlimited one-on-one coaching with an experienced, compassionate financial coach, SeedCoach will:

  • Reduce your financial stress during and after your surrogacy journey
  • Help you achieve financial freedom and security in the long-term by:
    • Setting a meaningful and attainable goal with your surrogacy compensation
    • Helping you understand the financial pitfalls that other surrogates have encountered during their journeys
    • Creating a comprehensive strategy that will give you peace of mind

What Will Surrogates Gain by Utilizing the SeedCoach Program?

Determine the maximum financial benefit from your compensation. Our expert financial coaches will customize your financial program based on the compensation associated with the contract you entered into with your intended parent(s).

Improve your current financial situation with invaluable tools, templates and individual guidance in many areas. Through the SeedCoach program, you will:

  • Understand when and why you will be receiving your payments
  • Establish your household budget
  • Reduce your debt
  • Set up an emergency fund for your family
  • Learn how your credit affects other areas of your life

Why Has Your Surrogacy Agency Decided to Offer SeedCoach Financial Guidance?

Surrogacy agencies who have chosen to offer SeedCoach Fertility Financial Guidance as a benefit to their surrogates are providing a gift that you and your family may utilize far beyond your third party journey.

You are making parenthood a possibility for a deserving family; without your assistance, that would be impossible for them. Given your incredible commitment, your agency is offering you a benefit that will improve your life long after your surrogacy journey has come to an end.

Having a bright financial future is possible. Our highly trained and professional financial coaches look forward to working with you throughout your surrogacy journey. We recognize that you are extraordinary and are excited to help you build a strong and sustainable financial future!

Ready to get started?

Ask your agency if the SeedCoach Fertility Financial Guidance program is included in your surrogacy compensation package!