Financial Guidance for Intended Parents

As an intended parent, you are preparing for one of the biggest endeavors of your life. Having a child through third party fertility, whether it involves an egg donor and/or a surrogate, requires you to consider many options and make many decisions. The process is complex, and it can be confusing at times. SeedCoach will give you the financial guidance you deserve throughout your third-party process so that you may focus on enjoying your future family.

Team of Experts

The team of experts at SeedCoach has helped hundreds of families by clarifying the financial details, creating an easy-to-understand budget, and finding the best ways to afford and fund their third-party journeys.

Templates & Tools

SeedCoach will provide you with budgeting templates and tools to help you navigate both the variable and fixed costs associated with your journey. Access our proven online coaching videos at your convenience and in the comfort of your own location. Your plan will be customized and based on the fees associated with your agency.

Online Video Library

Our online video library offers invaluable guidance on budgeting, insurance, and funding your journey. It includes access to Including budgeting tools, customizable templates, a list of lenders and grants and more!

Unlimited One-on-One Coaching

You will have access to unlimited one-on-one coaching and webinar support to help you navigate the financial complexities associated with your surrogacy journey.

Assistance with Fertility Grants & Loans

Our team has unbiased access to a comprehensive network of foundations and lenders. Your dedicated coach will assist in sourcing opportunities to aid in closing any funding gaps by helping you write impactful grant applications and identifying the best borrowing opportunities. We will save you time by directing you to the grants and loans worth pursuing in order to access additional finances to fund your journey.

Fundraising & Special Events

Fundraising is another way to bridge the gap between what you currently have and what you will need to complete your journey. Our coaches will provide guidance on how to plan a successful fundraiser and coordinate special events for crowdfunding your journey.

Reduce Stress & Focus on Building Your Family

Third party fertility journeys are complex and emotional. SeedCoach can minimize your stress by providing financial guidance along the way.

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