Advantages for Surrogacy Agencies

The SeedCoach benefits program enables you to provide online guided videos, budgeting templates, unlimited one-on-one coaching and webinar support to help guide your intended parents and gestational carriers through the financial complexities associated with their surrogacy journeys.

Online tutorials offer budgeting tools and templates, while experienced and compassionate professionals conduct individual coaching sessions to manage the confusion around the fixed and variable fees along the way for both sides of the relationship.

SeedCoach will help your intended parents and surrogates understand and manage the financial aspects of the journey, setting your agency apart in this highly competitive industry.

Set Yourself Apart from the Competition

Offering the SeedCoach Fertility Guidance Program makes you stand out amongst other agencies in the competitive third-party reproduction industry, helping to grow your business and assist more families.

We recognize that recruiting and retaining committed surrogates is challenging. Sourcing eligible candidates while maintaining their loyalty throughout the intake process is costly. Marketing to intended parents also consumes many resources. Differentiating yourself from the competition will allow you to recruit and retain more surrogates while also allowing you to attract more intended parents.

Guidance for Intended Parents

Through SeedCoach, your intended parents will receive invaluable guidance in funding their third party journeys, with a dedicated coach to assist in grant writing, sourcing grant opportunities, and identifying the best borrowing options for each family to aid in closing their funding gaps.

Support for Surrogates

The SeedCoach program helps your surrogates plan for financial success well beyond their journey, with videos on compensation, setting and achieving goals, household budgeting, reducing debt, as well as saving and investing.

Trusted in the Industry

SeedCoach is owned and operated by trusted professionals who are dedicated to the industry. We understand the challenges you face in this unique marketplace. We are committed to providing solutions that will provide financial clarity to your intended parents and surrogates. Sorting out the most confusing part of third-party journeys will give you an advantage over your competition.

Affordable & Effective

The SeedCoach program is affordably priced and pays for itself after just one additional Intended Parent match!

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